New Moon Scorpio - November 7th, 2018

New Moon in Scorpio - November 7th, 2018 - 


Aspects Explored:

  • Conjunct the Sun at 15º Scorpio 

  • Moon & Sun trine Neptune Rx in Pisces

  • Jupiter in it’s last hours of Scorpio  

  • Moon & Sun sextile Pluto conjunct Vesta in Capricorn  

  • Uranus Retrograde into Aries (Nov 6th)

  • North Node into Cancer, South Node into Capricorn (Nov 6th)

  • Jupiter -> Sagittarius (Nov 8th) 

  • Venus Rx conjunct Ceres in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius (Nov 9th)

This New Moon will be one for the books. There is some area of our life a regeneration has finally occurred - or is in it’s final stages of transformation - waiting for the nudge of this passionate, intense New Moon to plant the seeds. 

Scorpion’s are known for it’s epically designed exoskeleton which molts as they grow. One could argue that a nocturnal behavior of dwelling in darkness does not inhibit necessary evolution. But molting requires the willingness to become vulnerable and open for a time.  

Either way there is death that will occur. If you take the risk to become vulnerable you expand into a stronger version of yourself and honor the death of previous incarnation. If you resist the molting process you suffocate and restrain yourself from within - a long tiring process - that can ironically still leave you vulnerable. 

Where Scorpio dwells in your chart can signify how you approach transformation, how you embrace your inherent alchemical power…likewise where you refuse to allow it, where you refuse to embody, honestly where it’s really fricking hard to change. 

Scorpio is tricky - it’s the sign of death and rebirth - evolution - transformation - yadayada you’ve heard it all by now. But Scorpio is FIXED. Meaning …it can sometimes fight tooth and nail to stay in the dark place it cozied up in. 

Scorpio intrinsically knows power. The dark side, the light side. This knowingness makes one aware of how powerful..well, power is. How it requires quite the journey of self awareness, and come to Satan moments in life to actually understand how to wield Power with respect, care and good intention. 

There’s an immense amount of guilt, shame and depth a soul must investigate. And truly, the process seems never ending. But hopefully - by the week of this New Moon - you ARE honoring how much confronting of the Shadow you have done over the past year. It was truly hard to hide from it - everywhere you looked - a demon that once appeared dormant - sprang to divine life. 

This being the workings of Jupiter’s year long transit of Scorpio - which comes to an end the day after this New Moon on Nov 8th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, excessiveness - it’s supposed to be “optimistic” - but it could be argued that treading the dark waters of the Underworld via this Scorpio transit could have been a necessary evil for the “greater good”…couldn’t it? After all this transit was met with many aspects to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn through the year - Capricorn being a highly programmed sign to fit the needs of the Patriarchy to create a system the dominates the people. We had some “karma” to explore and needed to excavate the demonic skeletons. 

Honestly this shit has been brutal. More brutal than I think any of us could have predicted. I won’t even treraumatize us with the details. We all know how it’s been. 

Personally this past year made me face things I thought I had long ago resolved. It found me going through some really intense work in a Psychic Training that was, no, joke. And then spending the last several months seeking therapy and investigating some health issues (which in Scorpio fashion and body location - I did finally get at least some answers for). It had me recognizing my trust and intimacy issues in a way I hadn’t before. It called me out on my bullshit and I’m still a bit like HEH HEH shaking in my boots over it. 

I’m a Scorpio, I am loyal to my demons to a fault probably. I thought I knew what Scorpio was. I thought I would thrive. Maybe I have - just not in the way I expected. 

This year had me, ironically, realize - that some years will just be like this despite our best intentions and best efforts to live life to the fullest in the way society projects on us. Jupiter has that effect periodically when it changes signs each year …makes us really excited and looking forward to the possibilities, not realizing that sometimes… And that’s not necessarily bad. It’s kind of just what is. It doesn’t mean you wasted your year or your life.

This year was just like fucking brutal that I think so many of us just wanted to make it through the day. This may linger as we still have a couple weeks left of Scorpio Season, and Venus will dance back into Scorpio again early next month. 

But for now - settle into the soil that this Scorpio New Moon has laid before you on an altar. Maybe it’s because this week has been stormy here - and every time I go outside I just see this beautiful dark brown black damp soil of the Earth - but that image keeps coming to me as I think of this New Moon and the Scorpio energy. It’s that cold, slightly moist, autumnal earth that smells…quiet yet the sound is deafening because it’s so pleasurable. I want to sink my teeth into it. 

Maybe we are planting a magical seed that is special to us. That will sprout at the most opportune time - just like the Scorpion. Just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes when the transformation is complete, a transformation that has no expected arrival time. 

This New Moon feels like a special twisted gift as we have already been through so fucking much with Jupiter in Scorpio - there’s a bit of we’ve paid our dues. We’ve paid the reaper. We’ve gone through hell, we want to come back. We have reached a pivotal moment of surrender, of vulnerability, the kind that allows us to take this seed we’ve conjured - the way diamonds develop under pressure - and place it in the ground - with faith - it enough space to let it go and thrive as it’s destined to. We’ve done WORK. I promise you even if it feels like you haven’t (okay maybe some of ya’ll menfolk haven’t though lets be real) you really have been doing this weird behind the scenes, beneath the surface of the water …transforming. 

Look back and which area Jupiter transited in Scorpio for you (what house, what planets of yours were effected). Again, here at this New Moon you are being given the chance to reflect on this bigger theme of Jupiter in Scorpio ending, and take what you’ve unearthed and place it on this rich altar of soil to regenerate anew. A sacrifice. A closing. A beginning. 

The New Moon is indeed a time for setting new intentions, but this is another one that feels like that closing as well. I think we are eager to see Jupiter in Sagittarius arrive because Jupiter in Scorpio was a DEEP OCEAN OF EMOTION. Sag is the place were Jupiter likes to be, it thrives here in the sign of it’s rulership. So this could work to our advantage if we…work it well. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius is the life long learner, the higher educated being, the philosopher,  the seeker of spiritual truth, the seeker of knowledge, the pursuit of happiness, the big picture vision, the travel, the cultural experience seeker, the boundary breaker. With Jupiter in Sag we don’t want to live only in the box, we want to take the box with us. We crave direction. We crave having the wind under our sails. We crave experience. We want to speak what’s on our minds, we want to write books. AND - WE HAVE AN OPINION. 

This can all be utilized to really get the energy moving again, feeling collectively motivated, and ready to explore the options and feel like we have a vision guiding us again. If we’ve been so in the dark - hopefully we start to feel this coming through again.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t set this up with a warning though: yes this can be lovely or it can become it’s own kind of chaotic hell; Jupiter in Sagittarius is kind of extreme - it CAN be dogmatic as it is tied to religious practice and politics/law. Jup in Sag can be EXUBERANT.  Aka EXTRA. Sagittarius is a fire sign. 

In addition to this transit beginning - Uranus Retrogrades back into fire sign Aries for the next few months - the sign of Identity, Individuality, I am statements, and Inspiration. Meaning those that have had their come to Satan moment, now have their come to Jesus moment and think their way is the right way more than ever. 

So yeah guess what we have to be reminded of is that everyone, EVERYONE, is likely going to have a strong sense of belief right now and will want to fight for that belief to be believed by others. Everyone thinks they are carrying a torch for the greater good right now. 

The New Moon and the Sun sit together as they always do, vibing and finding their sweet intimacy together. Jupiter for the time being hangs out in the last degree of Scorpio for the day of this New Moon - giving us that opportunity to big adieu and say thank you - using the abundance of Jupiter to plant our seedlings under passionate and powerful Scorpio skies. 

The Moon and Sun make trines to mystical Neptune Retrograde in Pisces adding in a sweet layer of spirituality to the mix, this adds to the depths of our imagination, this adds to the possibility of the veil being lifted once more and messages coming through the other side in forms of dreams, symbols, synchronicity, odd feelings or subtle visions. Our intuitive and psychic ability is absolutely enhanced - Scorpio and Pisces tend to just “know” things - Scorpio through a strong sense of aroused knowingness. Pisces through these little ethereal whispers and fairytales. 

Neptune is also a dissolver by nature as water is a dissolver. Neptune helps us dissolve the boundaries necessary to go into those moments of surrender than allow us to change, evolve..transform. Surrender takes more Power than we often recognize. 

The Moon and Sun also sextile Pluto in Capricorn whom is conjunct Vesta. Vesta and Pluto conjunct is either enhancing our discipline or focus or reminding us where we are lacking in that. Likewise on a much deeper level Vesta and Pluto are showing us where we allow work and our ambitions to consume our every action and where we squelch sexual intimacy emotions because we fear losing power and control. However these two are also helping us with the effort to transform. Both are alchemical forces. Vesta is a highly focused channel for energy and Pluto can destroy and conquer and pave the way for creation. There is a great deal of us whom are aware we hold power - we just aren’t sure what to make of that sometimes - and where to direct that - it can feel a bit lonely to ponder - but everyone is exploring this in their own way. This sextile at this New Moon can provide an opportunity to experience what it feels like to exert our Power by triggering something to focus it upon (perhaps the midterms?). 

On a collective level the recent shift of the Nodes into Cancer (North Node) and Capricorn (South Node) on Nov 6th adds in yet another layer to this. The North Node in Cancer directs us towards exploring what it means to Nurture, to Nourish, to build a Home, to feel Safe, Secure, Taken Care of. Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign - feminine by tradition. Meaning it’s an energy whom possesses a lot of conviction but is incredibly emotional, psychic and therefore moody. 

There’s a great deal of exploring of the Moon’s cycles that can be done as Caner is ruled by the Moon - perhaps more of us will look to her to guidance and work with her ever changing daily energies to know ourselves better and to be honored in a more collective way by our societies. There is a lot of ancestral healing that would like to happen with this as well - time to embrace the wisdom and atone for the sins. Time to listen to your gut feeling literally. Time to embrace a healthy sense of unconditional love. Time to understand what it means to feel “rooted” for you. Time to learn how to take care of your Self in spite of what may be going on “out there.” Time to embrace the Matriarch. 

As per the South Node Capricorn we are being called to let go of the markers of success the prevailing societal systems have laid out for us, old tradition that is not serving the greater good and insults divine ancestors or harms the Mother Earth and Wombs of the world, taking opportunity out of greed, an overattachment to worldly success and material gains, issues with our parents/elders - particularly the mother. Time to dismantle the Patriarch. 

This week Venus Retrograde in Libra joins us with Ceres as I mentioned and then they trine Mars conjunct (True) Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius. 

Venus with Ceres in Libra is lovely. Right now focusing on building nourishing relationships is a strong desire and thing we want to attract - especially on a feminine level. Since Venus is Retrograde - this can create a repeat of something from a couple of months ago we are meant to address. Generally Venus and Ceres in Libra wants to keep the peace but that may not entirely serve us if we find ourselves being doormats. Utilize some of that epic Scorpio and sassy opinionated Sag (Mercury is in Sag too) that’s shining through if you feel like you’re still being unseen, unheard and unappreciated. Also we are focused on creating beauty, on acts of self care, on bringing back some kind of homeostasis to our inner feminine. We really want to replenish our stores of self worth and therefore show up with more reverence for ourselves and by deafly for others within those relationships. 

As Venus and Ceres in Libra square Mars & Lilith in Aquarius there is a strong desire in the collective to have cooperation and ACT on this self worth we’ve been trying to integrate. 

Mars and Lilith together can be fierce - in Aquarius - there’s a bit of the underdog rebel coming through - they are acting alone or in force - the dark horse shining. But we can’t forget - America was the underdog in the American Revolution - Trump was the Dark Horse - this can go either way. To underestimate the Dark Horse or the unlikable misfits (or radicals) of society is a bad idea especially under these skies - so better to be safe than sorry and recognize “they “will be out there - motivated as fuck and taking action - and “we” should be too. 

On a personal level Venus and Mars are the lovers. Venus and Ceres working together at best can establish that glowing self worth and that loving approach to relationship. Mars and Lilith in Aquarius will keep us aware of our Power and firm in our stance. As you can see if we harness this energy - we can come through any relationship issues very matter of factly, maintaining our Power but also with a great tenderness and empathy that provides an atmosphere where both partners can have space to explore their Power and Vulnerability together. This is fertile ground for heartfelt honesty, and radical love. It can go either way - leaving us to feel safer and more nourished within partnership or knowing that the right move is to separate. 

Venus is Retrograde and it can be very hard for relationships to survive a Scorpio and Libra one - these two signs being the signs of intimate bonding and relating. So if you’re there it’s understandable - but be aware that sometimes feelings of “regret” can seep in later on - so don’t fall into the trap of Mars & Lilith (this IS the oscillating hyper unpredictable and somewhat more vengeful version of Lilith) and act out of sheer spite and impulse. 

Okay babes, that’s what I’ve got for you for this New Moon download and the energies surrounding it. 

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments and what you’re experiencing. 

I hope this New Moon is a blessing to you, and the very least a healing. 

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