Grounding with the New Moon in Taurus April 26th, 2017

the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, abundance and we get to work with this Goddess again as we did will the Full Moon in Libra, the other sign that is ruled by Venus. Venus will make a nice sextile to Mars in Gemini which means there's a pleasant interaction between feminine and masculine energy. And there will also be a pleasant union of emotions and intellect guiding us as well. Venus will make a square to Saturn which is Retrograde in Sagittarius but I see this as challenge us to slow down even more to embody Earth and Feminine energy, and it will challenge us to see how these connections actually do support us in creating material stability in our lives. 

Overall the energy of this New Moon feels like one of the weeks we will get to sink into our bodies more fully, connect to Earth on a more profound level and really just FEEL with our bodily senses what being alive actually means. To come back to center. To catch a nice deep breathe. To catch our bearings. Finally. 

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