Your Guide to the Full Moon in Cancer January 12th, 2017

This is a Full Moon for the feminine. Cancer is the sign ruled by the's a sign that's all about the home space...the family...our roots...our foundations...our ability to nurture ourselves and others. It's where our nourishment comes from. It's the Mother energy within and around us.

And the world needs a Mother very badly right now.

This Full Moon provokes some sharp challenges, but it also gives us the opportunity to release our fears around feminine energy very profoundly.

It may sound odd for me to say that...who here could be afraid of the Feminine? Well many of us here in the community have been majorly focusing on our Moon Goddess energy...particularly that Dark Goddess archetype...the Crone BUT....there is still so much lingering in ourselves and in society that fears the full spectrum of the feminine.

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