Full Super Moon in Aries October 16th, 2016 - Awaken

This Full Moon is reminding us all of our own tipping points. The places we are totally sick of the way things are. Totally sick of going along with it all. Totally sick of the status quo. Of the way things are in our lives. We are sick of our own habits. We are sick of not doing the damn thing we've wanted to do for probably what feels like an eon. We are angry at ourselves. We want to break free. To rebel.

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When someone attacks your passion

And they made some damn good points, valid points. Shit, they've got me surrounded...figured me out. I put my hands up in begrudging surrender.

And then all you are left with is feeling crappy about yourself, doubting your path, feeling selfish and inferior...But kinda-sorta STILL DEFINITELY WANTING WHAT YOU FUCKING WANTED BEFORE YOU READ THE DAMN THING.

So now what that you're all sortsa crazy feels?

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