The New Moon Capricorn: Swallowing the Bittersweet Medicine | JAN 16TH, 2018

The New Moon in Capricorn:

Swallowing Capricorn’s Bittersweet Medicine




On the night of January 16th, 2018, the first New Moon of the Year will come in the Earthy sign of mountain climbing Capricorn. 

However a couple of weeks ago a piece of ..something …flowed out of me randomly and so quickly that I had to jot the whole thing down in the “Notepad” app on my phone at the kitchen table. After it was written, I had been waiting for the “right time” to share it publicly. I knew that it needed time to just…brew, as it was. After a while, I began to sense it was meant for the New Moon….and then leading up to this time as I felt barren with words and very ill in health ( almost as cold and stiff as Saturn itself), there was more confirmation. 

Even though this contains none of the typical astrological jargon I’m used to sharing each Lunation, it remains none the less the thing I feel compelled to share with you at this time. Letting the earthen rocks of it land where they may with you. Or completely roll past. It is your choice.   


I am the patriarchs worst nightmare; a failed experiment. 

For I am the incarnation of everything they tried to smother out and yet everything they tried groom into perfection, enfleshed within one body. 

A Storm, a Hurricane; Brewing. Waiting. Learning. Growing.

They failed to kill the memories that would ultimately lead to their destruction for they failed to remember these powerful secrets of existence: that the body always remembers and it speaks in brilliant tongues, a language which they never understood only because they chose to forget that which we never could as Women. 


Our modern world is great: technology makes things efficient and we can reach people across the world at all times in seconds. We have acquired so much through Modern Medicine and I love me a Target run, a Netflix binge and an amazon prime order as much as the next person. 

It’s also been a stellar channel for access to the type of healing work that needs to be done and programmed into our bodies and minds. Lewis, It’s been stellar access to programming we need to leave behind too though! 

While there is so much to be grateful for with our Modern comforts and innovations, daily magic or as i and my peeps like to call it, grounding, has become a luxury. Modern innovation Is also why and how the self help industry and spirituality and yoga and what not got its start too, in its own weird way. We still recognized the need for self care. 

But Our modern programming operates from a very upper body place, from our heads and our minds. And it’s made for some cool shit but we’ve, in the process, in many ways lost connectivity to our bodies, to the earth, to the ground, to the daily magic of cooking a meal, making tinctures, putting hands to a body, cutting wood and touching dirt. 

The Modern iterations of Yoga and meditation (I May or may not be talking about the over commercialized white people “versions”) was the first step, sort of, back into the healing integration we need. 

The commercialized self help and spiritual industries still come from this very upper body space, leaving a lot to be craved and have left many of us bitching and moaning (rightfully so imo - y’all prob knew better at some point! I know I did) at the Life coaches and meditation teachers that failed to deliver the Life and body of our dreams they promised if we just spent $20,000 to work with them. 

What has been missing is, in my humble understanding, the Witch. I pray to Goddess that if you’re reading this you’re not thinking “ugly old warty evil bitch in the woods. Otherwise there may be no hope of you understanding what I’m really getting at currently, so turn back. Revisit this later. 


Back to The Witch. 

The shadow. The soil. The sticky heat. The texture. The grit. The cycles. The untamed. The wild. The hands to material creating a thing. The fresh smell of vegetation. The cold chill of a settled snow. The seasons. The blood that falls from the body without a wounding. The bread making. The butter churning. The family. The dark womb. The gatherings that didn’t involve arguments over money or drugs or power deceptions. 

The healer. The artist. The creatrix. The mother. The bitch. The lover. The alchemizer. 

Oh sure past civilizations fucked way up and we can all appreciate the invention of plumbing and the awareness that washing of hands and showering is a great idea,   etc. 

But it’s almost as if we threw the baby out with the bath water because we just got so up in our heads believing that’s where all the genius must come from. This shift surely has its own intricate backstory. Which at this time I would like to state: just because I’m not currently offering dates, events, names and “facts” doesn’t make what I’m sharing any less true. And you know it. So hold onto your shame loving tits, as I’m doing too. Because hey even I still get insecure about sounding all rational and shit. 

As patriarch rose through the help of monotheistic religions, with that big old man in the sky, logic became favored over religion, money over barter, the rich over the community, mind over matter, brain over body. And so on. 

This didn’t suddenly happen, it was programmed and reprogrammed to yeah I’m going to say it, control.  And it certainly made its convincing arguments so people would question their judgement or beliefs (which is not necessarily a bad thing intrinsically when used with care - especially nowadays - it’s how this is being written). But then they would go into doomsday fear. And people make weird decisions when in fear. 

You are seeing a REAL rise in Witchcraft once more because of this. Especially from those of us who got totally mindfucked and jaded by the light and love movement and always felt like we were getting it or doing it wrong and had to think in a linear way in order to have a miracle healing and shoot rainbows out of our asses for-ev-er. The patriarch is embedded everywhere. Clever fucker, I’ll give it that. 

You are seeing women and the other “societal outsiders” like minorities and LGBTQ pop up everywhere desiring to make tinctures, oils, food art, engage with social justice and make businesses that honor the gift of the feminine. All done with their own expression of the “something else” in mind. 

Desiring to not live in a linear way and find jobs or create jobs that honor the natural cycles that govern the animal of our being. The cycles by which the very earth and nature follow, yet we try so hard to deny screaming fears around it making us brute, barbaric and even more violent. As if we have all left those behind just because we have an iPhone in our hands and have created charities to give through. 

There is a resurgence here but not for a trend, or for commercialization. Don’t let them fool you into that programming too. There is a reclaiming of the Witch because there is indeed a cultural and spiritual and mental paradigm shift happening for us. The arousal of “whatever the fuck we are doing is not working, for real” has spread, has become more visceral and less easy to hide. The pimple is ready to be popped. 

Like the New Moon moving into the Full Moon phase, that which was hidden is reaching the light and for our dauntless and sometimes ugly honoring. 

The Witch is not going anywhere. It’s been awakened once more, another several layers deep in the cells of every woman you know, every queer, every minority, and the men that are finally starting to listen. Like boils, it’s rising to the surface of our skin, an itch no longer able to be ignored. It must be scratched and ...then maybe applied with some millennial endorsed organic coconut oil. 

The Witch will demand that structures and containers are created for their magic to fucking thrive. 

She will utilize her economic power to revolutionize. 

She will do this by opening up her own businesses, probably centered around various forms of hands on creativity and healing knowing the next generations need these elixirs that will reprogram the fuck out of this world. 

She will run them with a feminine cycle in mind. 

She will not be an endlessly producing teet that you can suckle from without permission or respect. 

She will demand the nourishment, celebration and equality that she truly needs in order to conjure this very healing milk we all are in desperate need of. 

Yet, She will maintain her knowingness  that you are not entitled to her energy whenever you want it. 

The Witch will reconnect to the daily ritual magic we have pushed aside as not as important as the bottom line. 

She will take her sweet ass time the same way Dita Von Teese approaches the art of a striptease. 

She will work her craft in the manner that suits her soul and work magick that will blow up the pictures that have you desperately wanting to tell her “that’s not how this works, sweetie.” “Actually it is,” she will respond. 

The Witch will blow the spiritual self help industry as we currently know it into pieces. Instead calling us back down to the core of the earth and to the molten lava it oozes and have us dressing and making sounds like a damn heretic pagan. 

The Witch will demand that the slowness of the body be honored instead of mined by the corporate clowns. 

The Witch will be relentless in her quest to integrate the shadow, the darkness knowing that this is how you truly cultivate that which is luminous. 

The Witch will heal what thousands of years of abuse have done to us all. But only if we surrender through truly, deeply listening to the pulse of embodiment once more. Only until we dance like bonfires in the night. Only until we realize that by honoring collective safety, we will also cultivate our own too and that we can do this without killing our energy. 

There is so much just hovering under the surface right now and if we keep the Witch within engaged, that change y’all have been “downloading” may actually come to pass. And then this long overdue new age may become real. 

Or maybe none of this will happen. 

Either way, the Earth WILL consume us whole. It’s just a matter of how we’d like to be eaten. 

For Hell Hath No Fury like the Witch Awakened©


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