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What it is: An astrological & intuitive overview of what Aries Season (March 20th - April 19th) has in store for you & how to rock the energy to your advantage and take aim and action.

Aries is all about Desire, Will, Action, Assertiveness. It is a CARDINAL FIRE SIGN and the first sign of the zodiac - it initiates and ignites the original spark of life. Aries in it’s highest expression is instinctive and not impulsive. Where Aries is is where we are called to command, take the lead, and invoke our Passion.

✨ In this reading I’ll explore:

  • The Area of your life most impacted by Aries and what themes to hone in on to make the most of the next month

  • Major natal planets that will be triggered in your Astrology thanks to the driven and embodied Aries Sun & what to look out for.

  • Lunar Loving: I’ll breakdown what the Full Moon in Libra & New Moon in Aries are conjuring within you so that any intentions you set are given more power. I will ALSO look at the challenges the Quarter Moons bring up so that you may met them with grace.

  • Delivered via PDF (over DM or email!) - Usually 8-12 pages - around 4000 - 5000 words depending upon the complexity of the season for you personally.

WHY do you want this reading?

Aries is the FIRST sign in the Zodiac wheel - bringing in another round of beginnings to our lives - this is the start of the Witches Year - regardless of where you have Aries in your personal Chart - you’ll sense this - a sense of urgency, ignition, and passion. Aries can mark a whole new cycle for us. If you didn’t feel inspired at the start of 2019 - you could be on seasonal Witch time!

Delivery time Frame: Delivered to you on or before March 20th depending upon where you are in the queue (I go by whose payments I receive first! I will be away from March 8 - 11 just an FYI).

🌈 What you need: Your Date, Time, & Location of Birth.

If I have read for you before I likely have your birth info on file!


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