My guess is you’ve probably found yourself here after discovering my astrological and shadow working ramblings on Instagram over at MagicalSoulBitches after your latest existential episode of WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING NOW? line of questioning.   


So now that I have some extended space here, and you’ve hopefully got the time...let me explain what the fuck you’ve stumbled upon.

I'm Nikki B. and I'm a Writer, Astrologer, and Existential as Fuck Psychic Witch.

The Core of what I do is to conjure a road map for the internal landscape of my clients and readers in a language that acts like a compass as they navigate the many cycles and phases of existence.

The medium I most often use is intuitive Natal (birth) Astrology among other bits of magical work.  

Why is this important?

  • Why would having information like this matter?

  • Why would knowing the astrology at the time of your birth be important?

  • Why would knowing the astrological trends of the moment be potent?

Because this is energetic-psychic-coded information which serves to unlock many of the questions you may have about yourself and the world which sounds like "Why am I like this?" "Why do I ALWAYS FEEL/REACT this way?" and the like.

Knowing the astrology that was happening at the moment of your birth is like taking a snapshot of cosmic energy of your inception. Your impression upon this Earth creates a wave and vibration which can be read and received more concisely by YOU by knowing your unique Astrology. And knowing how the current astrology influences the trends you sense helps you downright not feel so fucking crazy. Validation is a powerful tool when wielded with care and intention.

Sure many people were likely born at the same time as you, same day, same place BUT YOU still get to decide exactly how to work your cosmic impression and it's made all the more easier by knowing the unique mythos of your origin. You will see things another might not - because you were meant to.

So yeah, I'd say that matters. A lot.

We often hear “Know Thyself” splattered across the ethers, but what does that really mean? How can we start? Well...Astrology is one of those places that asks you to turn within - exactly as they advise - and provides more of trail to guide you when you finally dive down in there.

I always find myself coming back to Astrology, particularly by Birth astrology, to become more intimate with my goings on - especially when I’m feeling disorientated by life.

I speak on it, I share on it because it is sincerely my belief that the more self understanding we become the more self agency we possess and can extend outwards into our “real” lives and  the better off and evolved our collective experience will become.

What so many of us really crave deep down is knowing and truly understanding for ourselves - we are valid as we are - and that we can conjure a way to make that work for us in the world - and others like us.

So fuck yeah, again, I’d say that shit matters. Especially right now.

So while you’re here ..why not first peruse the Blog (scroll down to see the latest!) and see what jumps out from the screen and pings your heart? There’s plenty to experience there. Then maybe, when you’re ready and want to learn more, check out the services I currently offer.  

P.S This is not “fluffy” astrology or light and love hearted type work (okay SOMETIMES - I’m not all goth-hearted all the time!). But the invitations I present throughout all my writing and work is to go deeper, to face the darkness and to be elevated by it.

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