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new Moon in scorpio : November 18th 2017



  • November 18th: The New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 19th: Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn
  • November 21st: Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto 
  • November 22nd: Neptune direct in Pisces
  • November 25th:  Mercury in Sag trine Uranus Rx in Aries
  • 20 min Guided Meditation!
  • PLUS SO MUCH MORE! You guys know by now I'm a little "extra"! 

new Moon in scorpio themes:  

Sexual. Alchemical. Intense. Desire. Netherworld. Imagination. Passion. Endings. Beginnings. Life. Death. Regeneration. Rebirth. Alchemy. Transformation. Transmutation. Creation. Destruction. Sexuality. Inheritances. Debts. Legacies. Shadow. Taboo. Perversion. Secrets. Hidden. Darkness. Occult. Psychic. Emotions. Extremes. Persistence. Resilience. Cunning. Subconscious. Psyche. Investigative. Penetrative. Spirituality. Unyielding. Purpose. Destiny. Finances. Life force. Volatile. Esoteric. Magick. Power. Control. Complex. Contradiction. Magnetic. Mysterious. Evolution. Obsession. Shame. Guilt. Jealousy. Envy. Repression Embarrassment. Sorcery. The Witch. Liberation. Revealing. Truths.


PDF includes: 

  •  A detailed reading and account of the new Moon PLUS the potent Astrology TRANSITS and aspects happening for this lunar cycle

  • about the sign of scorpio: the Attributes, Qualities, Rulership, Themes. 

  • <FOCUS AREAS> anchoring in the new Moon's energy into 3 main areas of life (Body, Soul, Work) with appropriate journaling questions for each. 

  • setting intentions with the new Moon: Which includes all of the different types of Elemental tools you can use during ritual and a break down of what their uses are: herbs, crystals, candles, essential oils, Incense and other symbolic items all related to the sign of scorpio.

  • RITUAL INSPO: Several Rituals for conjuring moon magic.

  • new Moon & Waxing Moon astro-awareness for each of the 12 Signs: discover what areas of life these lunations will impact for you and what you can focus on while setting intentions. 



  • aprox 10 thousand words detailing the energetic messages of this new Moon

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altar cloths by &

altar cloths by &

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